How to apply

Everything you need to make a grant application is available in the documentation and forms below. 

1. Guidance

Summary of the application process

If you are looking for a summary of the application process, where to get help and advice on your project, and tips on how to make a good application, try this printable leaflet.

Download the leaflet

Detailed guidelines for applicants

It is essential that you read our Guidelines for applicants before completing your grant application form. It provides further information on application criteria and detailed guidelines to accompany each application form.

Download Guidelines for applicants (PDF)

Signs of a Christ-like Church

An additional guidance document, Signs of a Christ-like Church will help you describe how any project supported by a successful grant application will help you to become a more Christ-like church for the sake of God’s world.

Download Signs of a Christ-like Church (PDF)

Privacy notice

The Development Fund offers grant funding to support a wide range of parish and deanery-level projects. This privacy notice explains how personal data is handled during the grant administration process.

Download the Privacy Notice for Diocese of Oxford Development Fund applications (PDF)

2. Application forms

Tier 1 Grant applications (up to £2,500)

Tier 1 grants are available to parishes and benefices. They are for short term, one-off grants to kick-start a new initiative. Tier 1 grant applications will range from small, modest sums up to £2,500. However, if you are applying for a grant to support any project which involves employment, you must use the Tier 2 application form. 

Download a Tier 1 Grant application form: Word | PDF

Tier 2 Grant applications (over £2,500 and employment)

Tier 2 grants are available for larger initiatives and long-term programmes that require substantial sums. Grant applications in this tier will range from £2,500 to many thousands, though Development Fund grants will not normally exceed £80k in a single grant, or £200k over a maximum 5 years.

Download a Tier 2 Grant application form: Word | PDF

3. Monitoring forms

Six-monthly feedback form

For longer projects, we ask for monitoring feedback every six months, using the template set out in the End of Project Report. If you are required to send feedback every six months we will automatically send a reminder email to you when the report is due.

End of project report

We ask all grant recipients to submit an End of Project Report. This helps you to reflect on the work you have done, recognise what you have learned and how you have become a more Christ-like church. It will also help us understand the impact of our Development Funding across the Diocese.

Download the End of Project Report: Word | PDF

While we encourage as many applicants as possible to complete and submit the form electronically, if you wish to complete your application in hard copy, contact the Development Fund Administrator, Fiona McGrady, for a pack of paper forms.

Fiona can be reached at Church House Oxford, Langford Locks, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GF or via email.

Page last updated: Wednesday 20th March 2024 2:29 PM

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