The promise

It’s one thing to be given a fresh start, but if nothing changes on the inside, how can things differ going forward?

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Pray today

Pray for Bicester and Islip Deanery: For our Greenhouse and Potting Shed project; work with care homes, children and young people, hospitality, and the environment.

Intercultural mission

Join a free conference for those leading churches and parishes with significant UK minority ethnic/global majority heritage populations.

Explore the challenges and opportunities for intercultural mission in the Anglican Church - all welcome!

The fifth horseman

The once rich tapestry of earth is being degraded year by year because of the expansion and greed of a single species: ourselves.

If we sleepwalk through the next decade, the tragedy will be irreversible.

Living in Love & Faith

The Church of England’s General Synod has welcomed proposals which would enable same-sex couples to come to church after a civil marriage or civil partnership to give thanks, dedicate their relationship to God and receive God’s blessing.

Ukraine one year on

One year on from the start of the conflict, thousands of Ukrainians are still in dire need of hosts in the UK to help them find safety.

If you might be able to offer accommodation, we can support you throughout the process.

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Coronation of King Charles III

The Coronation of King Charles III is a historic moment in the life of our nation.

Find resources for churches looking to host special services and activities throughout the weekend.

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