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Pray for Langley Marish: Chris Ferris - Team Rector, Shola Aoko. For the three mission initiatives agreed at the recent Away Day: putting children, families and young people at the heart of our mission; enabling pastoral care through listening and storytelling; celebrating God's creativity in music and arts. For the emerging new website and engagement on social media. That we keep alive the rumour of Jesus in a post/pre-Christendom society.
Bishop Gavin confirming in the Deddington Benefice.

Women in ministry

The latest Pathways magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of women's ordination to priesthood.

Bishop Olivia and Archdeacon Liz Jackson reflect candidly on the ups and downs of the past 30 years.

The Anxious Generation

Bishop Steven reads The Anxious Generation, a startling look at the impact of AI on children's health.

"This book deserves to be read by every parent, every headteacher, every church leader, every politician..."

General Synod vacancies

Casual Vacancies have arisen in both Houses of General Synod, which have triggered the election process.

Invitations to vote have been issued to the electorate on 3 May. Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 31 May.

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Where might God be calling you?

Former accountants, project managers, parents and students reflect on their journeys into a life of ordained ministry.

Watch a new film on following your calling.

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