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As part of the Bishop of Oxford’s invitation for everyone to explore the Beatitudes, the diocese will be producing a three-session course on the Beatitudes in time for Advent. It’ll be suitable for small groups in the style of the Pilgrim materials and will consist of a 32 page booklet written by Bishop Steven alongside audio and video resources. There will also be an audio version of the course available. Bishop Steven said:

“I’m hoping churches will use this specially written resource to help them study and understand the Beatitudes. For me the Beatitudes have 8 beautiful qualities, but 8 is quite a lot to remember so I’ve been keen to capture what they mean in three words: contemplative, compassionate and courageous. I want people to be asking what do these words teach us and tell us about Jesus, what do they tell us about being human in the 21st century and what do they tell us about what kind of church we’re called to be.”

The booklets will be available to order from the beginning of October to be delivered by the end of October. To register an interest in the materials, please email

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