How we are governed

Like other dioceses, the Diocese of Oxford is episcopally-led (by the Bishop of Oxford) and Synodically-governed (through Diocesan Synod). The Diocesan Synod is also the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance (ODBF), ensuring that policy and finance are in step with each other.

Many responsibilities are delegated to Bishop’s Council, which is the standing committee of Diocesan Synod, the Board of Directors of the ODBF and the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee. The majority of Council members are elected to it by clergy and lay people from parishes.

Bishop’s Council also has a number of committees reporting to it.

The latest annual review of the diocese is here and the report and statements are available in the Finance section.

If you have any queries about how we are governed please contact Judith Dignum or Mark Humphriss.


In this section...

Annual review

The strength and depth achieved by parishes and diocesan staff teams working in partnership.

Diocesan finance

Introduction to diocesan finance, including statutory accounts and expenses forms.

Bishop's Council

The executive committee of Diocesan Synod and directors of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance.


The wide range of boards, councils and committees supporting the work of Diocesan Synod.

Deanery Synods

Information on Deanery Synods, including the number of representatives and election processes.

Diocesan Synod

The governing body of the Church of England in the diocese.

General Synod

The national assembly of the Church of England, commonly referred to as the Church’s parliament.

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