Bishops and senior staff

Bishops Alan, Olivia, Steven and Gavin at the welcome service for +Gavin at Dorchester AbbeyBecause of its large size, the Diocese of Oxford is divided into four smaller episcopal areas, each overseen by their own area bishop.

The Bishop of Oxford is the diocesan or most senior bishop, responsible for oversight of the whole diocese and the Oxford city area. The Bishop of Oxford is supported by the Bishop of Dorchester, the Bishop of Buckingham and the Bishop of Reading.

The Diocesan Secretary heads up and is responsible for all diocesan services provided from Church House.

There are also four archdeacons and four associate archdeacons in the diocese.

Archdeacons are senior priests with responsibility under the bishops for the pastoral care of clergy in the archdeaconry and for ensuring they are performing their duties correctly. Archdeacons are also responsible for making sure that church buildings and their contents are properly looked after, and they have an important role in the appointment of clergy to new posts.

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Bishop of Oxford

Bishop Steven Croft is the diocesan bishop, responsible for oversight of the whole diocese. 

Bishop of Buckingham

Following the death of the Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson, the next Bishop of Buckingham will be appointed in 2025.

Bishop of Dorchester

The Rt Revd Gavin Collins was consecrated as the Bishop of Dorchester at Lambeth Palace in 2021.

Bishop of Reading

The Rt Revd Olivia Graham became the diocese’s first female bishop when she was consecrated in 2019.

Diocesan Secretary

As DioSec, Mark Humphriss heads up all diocesan services provided from Church House.

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