Guidance and resources

For guidance and resources relating to what permissions are required, what information to provide and how to apply please see our dedicated webpage.

The Diocesan Registry pages also contain some useful information.

Working with environmental protective glazing
An introduction to its use, benefits and technical aspects to consider.

Sarah Brown, University of York & The York Glaziers Trust

Metal theft prevention & process
Insurance Claims Processing and Parish Support - Derek Stancombe
Drivers of theft and managing risk
Drivers of theft and managing risk

Kevin Thomas, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

Choosing a roof alarm
Choosing a roof alarm

Jennie Schillig

Assessment criteria for roof replacement in alternative materials

Richard Peats, Historic England

Re-roofing case studies
Re-roofing case studies

Benefits of lead; pros and cons of alternative roofing materials.

Bryan Martin, Architect, DAC member and Conservation Officer

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