UKME chapter

Offering pastoral support to ordained clergy and licensed lay ministers

We offer support to those holding a license to officiate within the Diocese of Oxford by making space for corporate prayer; seeking to hold ourselves and our ministries before God. The chapter is not a campaigning forum; it seeks to advocate for the UKME community in matters that concern us and/or the communities we represent.

We also seek to:

  • rectify a situation where UKME clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers are largely unaware of each other’s presence in the Diocese of Oxford;
  • advance UKME vocations within the diocese;
  • offering visible representation in public fora;
  • become a nexus where the UK and the global majority heritages meet;
  • spotlight UKME clergy and LLMs within the diocese, highlighting their contribution and value, in turn leading to a healthier and more diverse Church that better reflects the body of Christ.

The Revd Canon Janet Binns, Dean of the UKME Chapter, spoke about the work of the Chapter as part of Race Equality Week. Watch her interview below and see the diocese's pledges from the week.

We believe we have much to offer, and we hope that our unique perspectives will be considered, and our voices heard within the Diocese of Oxford, whether related to policy, mission, theological reflection or the life of the Church.

The chapter meets every two months. Membership is open to UKME ordained clergy and licensed lay ministers holding a license to officiate within the Diocese of Oxford.

The Revd Canon Janet Binns

Dean of the UKME Chapter



The Revd Polly Falconer

UKME Development Enabler


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