Bishop's advisor in women's ministry

Meet Bishop Steven’s Adviser for Women’s Ministry, the Revd Canon Felicity Scroggie

Throughout her career, Felicity has found herself encouraging people to develop their confidence and gifts. As the BAWM, Felicity works with the bishops, archdeacons and senior staff teams, and the Human Resources and Ministry departments to support, promote, and encourage women’s ministry in all areas of the diocese.

Felicity is available as an advocate for ordained women in the Diocese of Oxford - full- and part-time, stipendiary and self-supporting, in parish, chaplaincy or other roles.


The role

Her role includes:

  • Working at diocesan level on areas that affect ordained women: from recruitment and interviews, to maternity and anti-bullying policies, wellbeing and support systems, and encouragement for senior roles;
  • Being available to individuals and advocating for them if necessary;
  • Encouraging a supportive network for women across the diocese.

In 2020, Felicity worked with a small team from the Strategic Leadership and Development Programme to produce a report on Diversity within the Strategic Leadership of the National Church looking especially at Women in Senior leadership.


Her current areas of concern and interest include:

  • The stresses that COVID-19 has placed upon all of us and the support we need to come through as leaders and human beings;
  • Exploring a diocesan menopause policy;
  • Personal safety for women in the light of the murders of Sarah Everard;
  • An annual conference/gathering day for diocesan women clergy;
  • Establishing a network of contacts and support across the diocese.

“Very few of us work too little; most of us work too much, worry too much and feel too guilty."

"We often carry heavy loads, juggle complex responsibilities and don’t feel we are good enough. But the truth is usually the reverse, and the church needs more women in leadership roles, nationally, at diocesan levels and local level. We need to hear each other’s stories, encourage each other’s vocations, build each other’s confidence, and stand up for each other when necessary."

"As BAWM, I'm here to do this in the diocese and am looking to build a team of people around me. If you would like to be involved please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat.”

Felicity is always happy to hear from you by phone or email.

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The Revd Felicity Scroggie

Bishop's Adviser on Women's Ministry


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