Becoming a Christian

Young woman looking thoughtfulBeing a Christian is about being a follower of Jesus Christ and having a relationship with him.

In this section, there are details of short courses, stories about other people's journeys of faith, and practical examples for living counterculturally – what it means to live life focussed on Jesus. 

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a new relationship – with God. It takes time and effort and it's good to be supported. When you're ready, be sure to check out the discipleship resources in the next section.

You may be wondering about the next steps in becoming a Christian, or looking to reawaken a forgotten faith. In the video below, Bishop Steven offers some prayers to say alone or with those who are on this journey of faith with you. Take some time and make them your own. 

In this section...

Short courses

Short courses to help you explore faith, life and God.

Who told you?

Inspiring stories of how people first heard about the Christian faith.

How to...

Simple guides on everything from prayer to grief.

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