How to...

As Christians we are called to live life differently. A regular section in Pathways magazine explores everything from laughter to grieving. Explore some of the articles below and be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine next time you're in church.

How to... Welcome families

We are all children of God, but as adults we also have a responsibility to share his love with the young people in our lives.

When to give up

Sometimes it’s right to persevere – and sometimes it’s better to stop doing what you’re doing. But how do you know which is right?

Take the long view

How does our belief in eternity affect our understanding of time on earth now?

Be resilient

Resilience is generally understood as the capacity to bounce or spring back from pressure. The Revd Dr Anne Holmes explores what helps us to be resilient in an ever-changing world.

Weather the cost of living crisis

CAP (Christians Against Poverty) advise on how we can support each other through the cost of living crisis.

Help local families

Emma Kennedy shares St Mary's, Chipping Norton's uniform pack initiative, gifting children everything they need to start the new school year.

Discover poverty in your area

Emma Kennedy shares some top tips for churches looking to address poverty in their own context.

Slow down

Do you find it hard to rest? Do you find yourself neglecting time with God? This technique might help you get in step with God's agenda.

Sunday to Saturday faith

Going to church is a vital expression of faith, but how can this time better nurture us so we can experience a fuller life Sunday to Saturday?

Act on God's Call

Ten ways to help us and others think anew about God's call on our lives.

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