Annual Parochial Church Meeting

A letter was sent out to PCC Secretaries in January on the 2024 APCM process. This highlights important aspects of this year's APCM process, as well as providing a reminder on the actions needed to be taken before and after the annual meetings.

The below table sets out the steps you’ll need to take to help you prepare for your Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). In accordance with the Church Representation Rules 2020, the latest date to hold your APCM and Annual Meeting of Parishioners (MoP) is 31 May.

Please note that whilst we encourage on-site APCMs and MoPs wherever possible, in accordance with the Bishop’s Instrument issued in July 2020, it is still permissible to conduct the meeting by online means where the PCC determines this to be appropriate. See guidance on running PCC meetings virtually.

An Excel document is available to help work out your parish timeline based on your own APCM date, just ensure fully downloaded using the button below, in edit mode and then insert the date into the highlighted box (row 18) and it will automatically calculate the relevant dates against the listed actions. You can also download the timeline in Word format, though please note this is without the calculator.

Download Excel form Download Word form

Before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting:

Time before the APCM



Allow 3 months before APCM date

Organise preparation of accounts and then the independent examiner or auditor review prior to this


PCC meeting prior to APCM (recommend to leave at least a month gap prior to the APCM date) 

Agree PCC annual report and audited financial statements

Recommend appointment of independent examiner or auditor (for submission to APCM)

29-42 days (no fewer than 14 days before commencement of revision) Exhibit notice of proposed revision of Electoral Roll for 14 days on or near the principal church door

E1: Notice of electoral roll revision

Word | PDF

15-28 days before (not earlier or later)

Revision of Electoral Roll takes place –  during this period issue and process application forms for new additions and removal advices (as long as validated) or corrections.

Once period complete, additional names may not be added until after the APCM

E2: Application to join electoral roll

Word | PDF

Privacy notice to accompany application

Word | PDF

At least 14 days before Publish revised Electoral Roll for at least 14 days before the APCM n/a
Must include at least 2 Sundays before day of meeting Display notice of APCM

M1: Notice of annual parochial church meeting 

Word | PDF

Must include at least 2 Sundays before day of meeting Display notice of MoP

C1: Notice of meeting for election of churchwardens

Word | PDF

At least 7 days before Publish signed financial statements   n/a
Prior to the MoP Receive nominations for churchwarden

C2: Churchwarden’s nomination form

Word | PDF

Prior to the APCM (using nomination form) or verbally at meeting  

Receive nominations for elected PCC lay members. 

Nominees to complete a fit & proper person declaration (become a trustee on joining PCC)

M3: Nomination for election of PCC member at APCM

Word | PDF

M5: Fit and proper person declaration

Word | PDF


Prior to the APCM (using nomination form) or verbally at meeting 

Receive nominations for Deanery Synod members (elected every 3 years from 2020)

D2: Nomination of lay member of Deanery Synod

Word | PDF

Not later than 31 May Annual Parochial Church Meeting & Meeting of Parishioners n/a


After the Annual Parochial Church Meeting:

Time after the APCM



As soon as practicable after the meetings and display all election results for at least 14 days after APCM and MoP

Display results of churchwardens’ elections for 14 days

(Note: Churchwardens, on election and admission to office, must complete a declaration form to be sent to the relevant archdeacon's office for them to be legally sworn in. This will automatically be sent in the visitation packs, issued by each archdeacon's office. See the churchwardens page for further information on the steps involved)

Display notice of PCC lay member election results for 14 days

Where deanery synod casual vacancies have been filled:

Display notice of deanery synod representative election results for 14 days

Advise your deanery synod secretary of the elected deanery synod representatives 

Annual Declaration Form

Word | PDF

M6: PCC Lay member (& any Deanery Synod) election results Form (for parish display only)

Word | PDF

Within 28 days of APCM

Copies of annual report and accounts to be sent to Diocesan Secretary via the finance office email

One-page financial return to be entered online. Please contact the Finance Office for details of how to do this or refer to the parish returns page

By 30 June

Respond to the ‘Post APCM Parish Audit 2024’ email from the Diocese (to be sent to PCC Secretaries in May) to check / update parish officer contact details for your parish. Guidelines on how to carry out the audit are at

To advise us of changes to parish officers at any other time, or if you cannot locate the email, please complete the M4 form and email to


By 1 July 

Confirm the electoral roll number to the diocese and deanery:

For the diocese: Enter your ER figure online. See ER page for guidance on how to enter your ER figure, if you are unsure how to navigate the online parish returns system (it's quick once on the correct page). Please note the diocese does NOT need this form to be sent or emailed to us if you have entered this information online. Only if you cannot do this, email a scanned copy of the certificate or number to

Please do STILL email your ER number to your deanery

E3: Electoral roll certificate

Word | PDF


See APCM FAQs for further information

Any issues with the above process and submissions, please contact for further guidance.

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