Community organising

Seeking social change with Citizens UK

What is community organising?

Community organising is for those who want to do something about injustice. By joining with others, we can seek the ‘peace and prosperity’ of our cities, towns, and villages. Community organising aligns with the heart of God - starting with relationship, connecting us with our wider community, and centring those on the margins. 

Who is Citizens UK? 

Citizens UK builds local alliances by gathering local institutions, like schools, faith groups, charities and unions, to act with the local community for social justice and the common good.

As a diocese, we've partnered with Citizens UK to:

  • Establish community organising alliances for social justice in Reading and Oxford;
  • Support action in rural contexts;
  • Join with the pre-existing and effective Citizens Milton Keynes to form Thames Valley Citizens (founded in June 2020).

We believe the church has a key role to play in tackling injustices. Community organising with Citizens UK is a practical, effective way to do this.

Be aware
  • Initiate and participate in local campaigns for social justice;
  • Access practical community organising training;
  • Build stronger relationships with your community;
  • Raise and grow leaders in your church.

Explore how you and your church could utilise community organising to address poverty and inequality. Email Social Justice Adviser Hannah Ling to chat about your local context.

Keep up to date with Thames Valley Citizens

Page last updated: Tuesday 3rd January 2023 11:50 AM

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