PCC secretaries

Welcome to our resources page for PCC secretaries. We thank you for taking on this important role in support of your PCC and its activities, which is also an important link between the parish and the diocese.

About PCC secretaries

The primary responsibilities of a PCC Secretary are to support the PCC Chair in the preparation and organisation of meetings and to handle all correspondence on behalf of the PCC. They are elected by the PCC.

Latest newsletter

We understand that this is a demanding role with a vast number of things that you may need support with. We encourage you to read the information below and attend the annual workshop if possible.

For assistance please contact Sue Zajac on 01865 208 753 or via email.

Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCMs)

APCMs are a key part to a PCC secretary role in terms of communication with your PCC. Please see the separate webpage for everything you need to know about conducting your APCM. 


PCC secretary workshop

Workshops provide need-to-know information for PCC secretaries and are held annually. Below you can watch the February 2022 workshop and download the slides used.

PCC Secretaries' workshop agenda

APCM essentials & planning timeline

Diocesan Registrar's PCC Governance essentials

Diocesan Secretary update Feb 2022

Parish Safeguarding update Feb 2022


Sue Zajac

Governance & Projects Officer


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