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General Synod Election

An election of one clergy (proctor) candidate to represent the Diocese on the General Synod is due to take place in January. Watch hustings videos and election addresses by the candidates for the vacant position.

Living Waters

Book now for the 2018 Clergy Conference

The conference is offered as a time of blessing for the clergy of the diocese to be personally refreshed and renewed by the living waters as a disciple of Christ.

Called to be Christ-like

Towards a Common Vision

Resources to help us become more contemplative, compassionate and courageous…

As part of the Bishop of Oxford’s invitation for everyone to explore the Beatitudes, the diocese has produced a three-session course on the Beatitudes in time for Advent. It is suitable for small groups in the style of the Pilgrim materials and consists of a 32 page booklet written by Bishop Steven alongside audio and video resources. There is also an accessible audio version of the course available on request.

“I’m hoping churches will use this specially written resource to help them study and understand the Beatitudes. For me the Beatitudes have 8 beautiful qualities, but 8 is quite a lot to remember so I’ve been keen to capture what they mean in three words: contemplative, compassionate and courageous. I want people to be asking what do these words teach us and tell us about Jesus, what do they tell us about being human in the 21st century and what do they tell us about what kind of church we’re called to be.” – Bishop Steven

The booklets are available to order online. The accompanying video and audio resources are available in the Towards a Common Vision section of this site.

If you have any queries about the course, or would like to use the accessible audio version, please contact Ruth Hamilton-Jones

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  • Safeguarding: protecting ourselves and others

    Safeguarding: protecting ourselves and others

    Safeguarding can be an area of uncertainty and anxiety for us all, not least because it requires us to consider the unthinkable. Individuals of all ages may be seriously harmed …
  • A reflection on Candlemas

    A reflection on Candlemas

    As has been observed the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple is unusual in having four alternative titles. Each title emphasises something different, reflects the Revd Charles …
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    God in the Life Of the Revd Joseph Steinberg

    THE REVD Joseph Steinberg is a Jewish man who talks here about how recognising Jesus as the Messiah influenced his life and career. Joseph has been living in the UK …

Bishop Steven’s Blog

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    • Radio 4 Thought for the Day
      Bishop Steven gave his Thought for the Day on Saturday 30th December 2017 during a programme edited by Artificial Intelligence (AI). “How are you feeling?” “What’s your energy like today?” Imagine being asked the same questions every day not by a person but by a machine. My eye was drawn earlier this year to the […]
    • Joy to the World 
      A very happy Christmas. One of the best carol services I took part in last week was in prison. There were about 100 prisoners and staff and volunteers gathered for the service. The very ordinary dining room was turned into a chapel. The music came from an old keyboard.  There were no candles or crib […]
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    • Prayer for: Thursday 18th January 2018 18th January 2018
      North Buckingham: Hans Taling and Margaret Culley. For the adaptation of St Nicholas church in Dayrell for community use, besides the regular services. For the new chapel-esque pavillion structure, in Akeley churchyard, as a visible sign of Christian presence in the village. St James and St John Primary School, Akeley and Maids Moreton School.

    Wherever you live, there is a Church of England church that is always there for you through life’s biggest moments – and at other times too. If you’d like a special service, your church offers a warm welcome, friendship, advice and prayer beforehand, on the big day and all the years afterwards.  Discover the new A Church Near You…

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