All licensed clergy in the Oxford Diocese are required to undertake an annual review of ministry. Every third year the reviewer will be the area bishop of archdeacon; in the other two years the reviewer will be another person, appointed by the bishop and trained by the diocese. Taking part in review is mandatory for clergy under Common Tenure.

Ministerial Review is an opportunity to take stock; to affirm achievements and successes in ministry; to reflect on past or current difficulties and to embrace new challenges. It is most helpful when it is well prepared for and when it is followed up. Ministerial Review is an obvious opportunity to identify particular areas for ministerial development. As preparation for this you are expected to give account for how you have spent the five days you are required to set aside for your own ministerial development, and to show how any new learning you have undertaken is bearing fruit in your ministry. You are also expected to be proactive in seeking our any help and support that might be identified in conversation with your reviewer each year.

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