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Repurpose your old laptop and tackle digital poverty

person typing on a laptopA study has estimated that as many as 40 million unused gadgets are gathering dust in UK homes. Recycling and reusing this technology for the good of others can be a satisfying way to clear space in your home. 

The Diocese of Oxford are partnering with Getting Oxfordshire Online, SOFEA, ASPIRE and Bicester Green to take electronic devices which are no longer required by their owners, wipe them of any personal data, and repurpose them. They will be given (with data and training) to people who desperately need them, such as Ukrainian refugees, those on low incomes, and school children who don’t have their own devices.

It is estimated that there are up to 40,000 people in Oxfordshire who are not online. While digital exclusion has been highlighted by Covid-19, it is a long-term existing issue that needs a sustainable solution. 

Getting Oxfordshire Online has already helped more than 800 people, many of whom are digitally excluded in Oxfordshire to get online, including refugees, school children, people with disabilities, and rough sleepers. Getting online gives these people essential access to GPs, education, cheaper bills and online food orders.

Wroxton Church of England Primary School received 10 laptops from Getting Oxfordshire Online: 

"The laptops will be used within school to support children with their learning across the curriculum - receiving these laptops for our school has been truly beneficial. Being a small village school we have an extremely tight budget. Our current laptops are over 6 years old and many are no longer working. Receiving these means we will be able to continue to cover the computing curriculum whilst also supporting children in other curriculum areas."

How can you help?

However, there are many more people who remain digitally excluded so donate your dust-gathering digital devices and recycle and reuse old laptops and tablets to tackle digital exclusion.

If you (or the organisation you work for) have devices that might be suitable, you can… 

  1. Check they are the sort of device we are looking for using the Acceptable Laptop Criteria

  • Laptops up to 12 years old (High-spec Windows Vista, any Windows 7 or later, and all “unibody” macs) 
  • Tablets up to 10 years old 
  • Phones up to 6 years old (iPhone 5S or later) 
  • Minor faults (failed disks, broken keyboards, missing chargers etc) can be repaired 
  1. Complete a donation form

  1. Deliver the device/s to one of our church collection points with the completed donation form. The first two churches to act as collection points for old digital devices are: 

  • Christ Church Abingdon Christ Church Abingdon (accepting deliveries Monday to Friday 10-4pm – please ask for Clint or Caroline) 
  • Emmanuel Church Bicester Emmanuel Church Bicester (accepting deliveries Wednesday to Friday 9-12pm – please leave at the Café)

Alternatively please deliver direct to Aspire Oxfordshire Community Enterprise (Oxford, open Mon to Fri 9-4), SOFEA (Didcot, Mon to Fri 9-5) or Bicester Green (Bicester, Mon, Tues, Sat 10-2; Fri 10-5). We recommend calling ahead to confirm before donating.

If you are interested in your church becoming a digital device collection point or for any questions, please contact Social Justice Adviser, Hannah Ling, or Associate Archdeacon of Dorchester, David Tyler.  

Page last updated: Thursday 13th October 2022 3:35 PM
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