The Diocese of Oxford is divided into four smaller ‘episcopal Areas’, each overseen by their own Area Bishop.

The Reading Episcopal Area extends from west Berkshire along the M4 corridor to Windsor.

It includes very rural areas and large centres of population such as Reading and Bracknell and with a population of 800,000 is larger than many dioceses in the Church of England.

The deaneries of the Reading Episcopal Area are: Bracknell, Bradfield, Maidenhead & Windsor, Newbury, Reading and Sonning.

The Queen has approved the appointment of the Venerable Olivia Graham, the Archdeacon of Berkshire, as the next Bishop of Reading. Read more…

Bishop of Reading

The Bishop of Reading takes up her post in November. Read more...

Olivia Graham

Archdeacon of Berkshire

The Archdeacon of Berkshire is the Venerable Olivia Graham. She has been Archdeacon of Berkshire since October 2013.

Stephen Pullin

Stephen Pullin

Assistant Archdeacon

Reading Area

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