Turn peas into profit this Harvest

AS HARVEST approaches, Christian Aid is urging Christians to help farmers like Frank (pictured right) from Malawi.

Photo: Richard Nyoni

Frank found that, because of climate change, his traditional crop maize failed when the rains didn’t come, bringing hardship and malnutrition to his family. “It is very pathetic, as a father, to feel helpless like that, to feel like you cannot provide food for your children, and that there is nothing you can do to make them better when they are crying,” says Frank.

Christian Aid’s partner, the Evangelical Association of Malawi, has been helping Frank to grow a special variety of pigeon peas, a remarkable protein-rich crop and ideal for southern Malawi’s dry soil. They are forming farmers’ clubs, to learn business skills and plan their planting, which will ensure a good balance of crops and generate profits.

A fun Frank and the Pea Stalk fairy tale is a way of telling Frank’s story to children.