Using TikTok to reach people and share the good news of God’s love, Rev Steve Hallet is bringing words of comfort to many during these difficult times. His videos seem to have hit the mark as he has gone viral and now has 180,000 followers.

Steve, a second-year curate at St Frideswide’s church in Bletchley, was ‘encouraged’ during lockdown to post something on TikTok by one of the parishioners.

“She wanted me to show that God has something to offer to our world, especially at this time, and thought it would be good coming from a priest in the church”.

One video of him dancing to ‘Nobody’, a song by Casting Crowns, saw him point at the big cross outside his church. At that precise moment, the sky lit up. Some have been calling it a sign, others ‘a collaboration with God’.

Steve says, “It seems to have really captured people’s imagination and it’s kind of blown up, it’s been shared everywhere, UK, USA and even Indonesia…”

One person commented on the video, “I’m not religious, but this has made me think.” Another said, “Wow, God is real.”

Posting several videos under @JustARevularGuy, the 50-year-old has had people ask him to pray for them, to encourage them in their faith, or help in dealing with the death of loved ones or those struggling with anxiety and depression.

He has even had a few say they want to come back to church!

“I’ve had a number of people say watching the videos has given them a new perspective on the church and led them to question their preconceived ideas about God and faith and that’s so encouraging,” he says.

Despite the embarrassment of his children, Steve plans to continue making videos. It allows him to share the love of God and speak into people’s lives, bringing hope and love.

“When it’s so difficult to meet physically in a building, it has been so good to reach people where they are and that includes the digital space of TikTok.”

If you have a story about sharing faith in a new and exciting way, get in touch.