Authorised Listeners – Supporting Survivors

If you are a survivor or victim of abuse that happened in a Church setting, whether it happened recently or many years ago, and you would like to talk to someone about what happened, then please contact the safeguarding team.

You can also contact Safe Spaces, a free and independent support service run by Victim Support, which provides a confidential and safe space for anyone who has been abused through their relationship with the Church of England. Further information and contact details for their helpline and live chat can be found on their website.

Read additional information regarding support services for survivors or victims of abuse.

Abuse is never the fault of the child or vulnerable person who was abused. It is always the responsibility of a person in a position of power or trust to ensure that appropriate boundaries are maintained, and that children and other people in their care who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect are kept safe.

We have a team of Authorised Listeners who can offer a supportive listening service to those who have experienced abuse. Authorised Listeners will meet with a survivor up to three times. During the meeting, a survivor can talk about their experience and also explore what the possible next steps for them might look like.

If you or someone you know might like to meet with an Authorised Listener please encourage them to contact the safeguarding team.

We are also recruiting Authorised Listeners to help support anyone who is being bullied or harassed.




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If you know of someone who might benefit from this service do feel free to encourage them to contact our safeguarding team.