From 1 January 2016, new faculty jurisdiction rules are in force. This means that you may not need a faculty for works that have required one in the past. Works are now divided between those that require no permissions (List A), those that can be authorised by your archdeacon (List B) and those that require a faculty. This replaces the de minimis list. Please read our brief introduction to the new rules here.

You can read the full legislation here: Faculty Rules 2019

Lists A and B are available here.

The Chancellor of the Diocese has issued an Additional Matters Order  in respect of routine maintenance and repair of church buildings and churchyard walls. This is now in force. The Schedule to the Order sets out further works, in addition to those listed in List B in the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, which the archdeacon can authorise on the same basis.

Making an application

Please use our new online application system to apply for Faculties and List B works (works that can be approved by the archdeacon). The online application system is available at: You can find guidance on registering for the online system here.

There is no longer a separate application process for tree works – these now form part of the Lists A/B and Faculty process. Guidance on carrying out tree works is available here.

  • Please note that private petitions, the exhumation of human remains, the reservation of a grave space, and the introduction of monuments or memorials cannout be applied for through this system. Please contact the Diocesan Registry in these cases.

Emergency Works

If you find yourself needing to carry out works that require a faculty as a matter of emergency, please contact the Diocesan Registry or the DAC office and they can advise you on the correct procedure to follow.