Clergy HR

This information provides advice and guidance for clergy regarding your ministry and informs you about the support and services available within the Diocese.  This information is live and will be kept up to date and enriched with new material from time to time to reflect the changes in national church legislation as well as diocesan policy reviews.  Any significant changes will be communicated via the diocesan E-news.

Much of this information also appears on the Church of England website. The content is similar but not identical as it reflects the approach of our Diocese, however, should be familiar to all clergy serving in the Church of England.

If you have any questions or points of clarification on the Diocese of Oxford policies, practices and procedures please raise them in the first instance with the Area Dean, Associate/Archdeacon who may then refer you to a member of the HR team, for further advice and guidance.

We hope you will enjoy your ministry in the Diocese of Oxford.  The staff at Church House, together with the Bishops and Archdeacons, are here to help and support you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are new to the Diocese, you may want to  familiarise yourself with how we do things in the diocese by reading the Welcome Booklet.

Poli Shajko
Director of Human Resources & Safeguarding