The Communications team is here to help. We aim to promote clear, accurate information, and positive messages about the mission of the Church of England within the diocese, and between the diocese and the wider world. Download our leaflet Supporting deaneries 2015 to find out more.

Our work includes

  • Welcoming visitors to Church House Oxford
  • Proactively working with the press and broadcast media to tell good news stories about the life and work of the Church in the Diocese of Oxford
  • Responding reactively to enquiries from the press and broadcast media for information and comment
  • Offering parishes and church schools confidential and professional support and advice during times of crisis and particular media interest
  • Sharing stories and good practice, and providing thoughtful commentary and food for thought, across the parishes of the diocese through publications, both digital and printed
  • Facilitating the flow of information in both directions between the parishes and Bishops, Archdeacons and diocesan officers through weekly e-news and other methods
  • Managing the diocesan website and sub-sites, and supporting blogs
  • Managing the diocesan directory
  • Developing and promoting materials to support the Living Faith vision
  • Providing advice and support on digital and social media – websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc
  • Creating and supporting imaginative campaigns and projects to help promote the Gospel
  • Advising on the use of logos and branding, and producing high quality publications where appropriate
  • Providing training courses on parish communications, including magazines and websites.

The team

  • Jo Duckles, Press and Media Officer and Editor of the Door  01865 208227 /07880 716761
  • Philip Hind, New Media Manager 01865 208262 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, school length days)
  • Ruth Hamilton-Jones, Internal Communications Officer 01865 208225 (mornings)

We offer an out-of-hours service for urgent media issues. Phone 07880 716761.