Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training information, in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), can be found here.

The Diocese of Oxford is working towards creating a church which is safer for everyone.  Active engagement with safeguarding training supports all those who have a role within the Church to effectively recognise and respond to possible abuse and implement best safeguarding practice.  Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

The Church of England’s Practice Guidance: Safeguarding Training and Development (2019), provides a clear framework for safeguarding training across all Church of England communities.  A range of safeguarding training modules are a mandatory requirement for particular Church Officer roles.  Safeguarding training should be renewed every 3 years.

2020 Safeguarding Training Programme

The 2020 Safeguarding Training Programme can be found by following the link above.  To book a training place on a Leadership or Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence & Abuse session please click on the Eventbrite Booking Link, within the programme, to register for an Eventbrite ticket.

Safeguarding Training Modules

The document below details the essential safeguarding training modules required for completion by those undertaking a range of roles within a parish.

Essential Safeguarding Training Modules for Parish Roles (Dec 2019)

Parish Safeguarding Training Letter (Dec 2019)

ModuleBasic Awareness

(Formerly C0)


(Formerly C1)


(Combining C2 & C3)

Safer Recruitment

(Formerly S1)

Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence & Abuse

(Formerly S3)

Module SummarySupports participants to develop a basic awareness of safeguarding in the context of the Church and Christian pastoral care.Situates safeguarding in the context of the Church and equips participants with the knowledge and skills in knowing what, when and how to report concerns.Equips parish officers to embed healthy parish safeguarding practice.  Explores the roles and personal vulnerabilities of parish officers in implementing parish safeguarding procedures and responding to serious safeguarding situations.Supports participants to develop an understanding of why safer recruitment is important in the context of developing a culture of safeguarding in the Church.  Explains how to safely recruit staff and volunteers in line with Church of England policy and guidance.Examines the issues relating to domestic abuse, especially for vulnerable groups, and how the Church can respond well to this.
Delivery FormatCompleted online or at Parish based Face-to-face sessions.Completed at Face-to-face sessions (2.5 hrs) or online.Completed at Face-to-face sessions (3 hrs).Will be available online and Safer Recruitment workshops will be available in 2020.Completed at Face-to-face sessions (3 hrs).
Required Church Officer CompletionRequired for anyone going on to complete Foundation or Leadership training.

Required for PCC members.

Required for anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities or has contact in their church role with children or vulnerable adults.

Foundation must be completed before someone attends Leadership training.

Required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or responsibility for leading activities involving children or vulnerable adults.

Required for anyone who has a  Licence, Authorisation or Permission from a Diocesan Bishop.

Required for anyone with responsibility for administering DBS, those with recruitment responsibilities and Parish Safeguarding Officers.Required for anyone holding the Bishop’s Licence, Authorisation or Permission.

Required for Spiritual Directors, Bishops Visitors, Pastoral Visitors and Parish Safeguarding Officers.

Recommended for Church Wardens, Leaders of children/adult’s activities and Youth Workers.

Foundation Safeguarding Training

A team of volunteer safeguarding trainers are able to deliver the 2.5 hour Foundation safeguarding training session at your parish.  For more information, or to arrange this, please contact Rebecca Norris-Bulpitt – Diocesan Safeguarding Training Officer (

Safeguarding E-Learning – Online Training

Two safeguarding training modules are available through the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal, to complete online.

The Basic Awareness e-learning module is recommended for anyone who needs a basic level of safeguarding awareness.  Participants completing other core modules will be asked to complete Basic Awareness in preparation.

The Foundation e-learning module can be completed by those who are unable to attend the Foundation face-to-face sessions being held across parishes.  Although face-to-face sessions are our preferred method of training, allowing participants to learn from the trainers and group discussion, the online learning should overcome the challenges of attending face-to-face sessions.  The Foundation module will need to be completed by those attending Leadership.

To access the e-learning go to the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal.

  • Select Online Courses & Module that you will be completing.
  • Create an account.  Please detail which parish you attend and that this is part of the Diocese of Oxford so that the information can be included in our training report.  For Training Institution please select ‘Not part of a Training Institution.’  It can take 24 hours to receive your log-in information.  If you do not receive email confirmation then please also check your junk mail folder.

For any difficulties in accessing the Safeguarding Training Portal please email: 

We recommend that if under 18s are completing the e-learning they do so within a group, or with an adult at home, so that they can access support straight away if they find some of the content challenging.

Basic Awareness Offline

The Basic Awareness module has now been made available in an offline format, by the National Safeguarding Team.  We recognise that for some people within our parishes it is difficult to complete the online modules through the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal, so we hope that this format will make the Basic Awareness module more accessible.

If you would like to use the Basic Awareness training presentation with members of your parish please email to request the presentation, which will be shared with you via Dropbox.  Basic Awareness offline training must be facilitated by someone within the parish who has completed Leadership/C2/C3 safeguarding training, so that they can support participants.  Ideally this would be the Parish Safeguarding Officer or someone appropriately experienced in safeguarding.