Running for Tanzania


THE Revd Graeme Fancourt will be donning his trainers to run the London Marathon for Friends of Amani Tanzania.

Graeme has been in training to run the famous 26.2-mile race for what he describes as a “beautiful charity.”

“This small rehabilitation centre in rural Tanzania works with disabled children and young people to do two things. One is to seek to rehabilitate physically and mentally children with all kinds of different disabilities.

“The second thing that really excites me is that they are seeking to challenge a whole culture where people believe that disability is brought on by a curse and that these children should be pushed to one side and ignored. That is a massively important ministry they are seeking to practise throughout the whole area. While I’m a terrible runner and I’m built really for eating pies and drinking beer, I’m very happy to try and raise money for these guys and the work they are doing.”

Have you run or are you planning to run a spring marathon for a good cause this year? If so email or call 01865 208227.