‘Rising above the ordinary’


STUDENTS from St Peter’s Church of England Middle School in Old Windsor have raised more than £1,175 for charities over the past six weeks. The school recently joined the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.

They ran a series of ‘Lent Projects’ in the run-up to Easter, whereby each of the school’s Houses organised activities to raise money for charities chosen by the students. These ranged from cake sales and penalty shoot outs to human fruit machines and throwing wet sponges at students.

Lancaster House raised £210 for Cancer Research UK. Charlotte, 13, said: “We chose this charity as some students have had relatives affected by cancer and were keen to help the charity find a cure.” Erin, 13, of Stuart House, said “We raised £184 for the Ebola Crisis Appeal. We felt it was such an important issue that was so far away and easy to think it could be ignored.” Tudor House raised £200 for Lyme Disease fundraisersResearch. Abigail, 10, said: “One of the student’s brothers suffers from this disease so it was really important to us to help him.” Berkshire Autistic Society benefited from £181 raised by the students of York House. In addition, the students got involved with Comic Relief and raised over £400, taking the total raised for charities by the students to over £1,175. Head Teacher Sharon Yardley said: “It was heartwarming to see that they were so keen to think of other people and embrace the Christian ethos of our school. They truly did live up to our school motto to ‘Rise above the Ordinary’.

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