For the Revd Adam Gompertz, becoming Chaplain at Bicester Motion – a centre of excellence for classic automobiles – is like giving a child free rein in a toy shop. In a feature written before lockdown, Pathways Live explores Adam’s exciting role.

Life-long petrol head Adam freely admits that the classic motoring experts, the cars, the community ethos and the atmosphere on the former RAF base is a place of healing for him. Unusually for a car enthusiast, Adam asked for a lift when he first visited because he didn’t trust himself behind the wheel.

“I’d had a breakdown when I first phoned up to see if I could come here and sketch the cars,” says Adam. “I began to find any excuse to come here, sketch and have a peek around.”

Adam, who started drawing cars before he was five, worked for an Aston Martin restoration company and as a designer for companies including MG Rover and Rolls-Royce, before ordination.