Revd Kate serves up pints at the Queen Charlotte

A CURATE from Windsor is serving people who might never set foot in church by pulling pints at one of her local pubs.

Kate behind the bar with Jess Hunter from the pub.

The Revd Kate Harrison, a Curate in Windsor, will be working a shift at the Queen Charlotte, which is opposite Windsor Castle, every month. After her first shift she said: “Lots of people were surprised to see me there, but everyone, without exception, was hugely positive. One regular said it was lovely to see the Church ‘being normal’.”

“Jesus, I’m sure, would have been in the pub, meeting people in their everyday lives and talking about the things that mattered to the individual. I know from my pub work when I was a student that being behind a bar puts you in a privileged position in sharing lives. People are open and trusting. They will share joy as much as pain, and all of that is precious. This is what we do in pastoral encounters as a priest anyway, of course, but there are so many people we can’t reach if we place ourselves too far away from them.” Kate is also running a Lent course in this pub and will be giving a blessing at the opening of their gin festival later in the year.

In 2015 Kate and her incumbent, the Revd Ainsley Swift, were involved in providing a Beer and Hymns style event at Windsor Rugby Club. Read the story here.