Prime Minister’s Questions with a difference

PRIME Minister, Theresa May, visited St Luke’s CE School in Maidenhead recently as part of a school project on inspirational people.

She spoke about her role locally and globally and answered a range of questions from the pupils. Mrs May shared experiences from her own school days and explained that her favourite subject was maths and that she had always loved to read as a child – expressing the importance of reading a range of books to help us all to learn more.

Andre from year four asked her how she felt when she got the job of Prime Minister and Camelia from year six asked her if it was difficult to try and please everyone and how she tried to do this.

Mrs May explained that she had always wanted to go into politics and was inspired from a young age by her father to work hard and try her best.

She also offered advice to the year six children about their SATS tests expressing the need to “get lots of sleep and wake up fresh, to concentrate and do the best that you can.”

Taylor from year four asked how her job affected those around her and Mrs May replied: “The job is my life… morning, noon and evening.”

She advised those interested in going into politics to: “Watch the news especially what happens in Parliament and to learn what politics is about and (most importantly) to persevere as it can take time.”

Mrs May ended by responding to a question about what she would like to be remembered for and she said introducing the Modern Slavery Act.

Amanda Hough, the headteacher, said: “All of the pupils really enjoyed listening to the Prime Minister and were very excited to share the news of their special visitor with their parents as they left at the end of the school day.”

Prime Minister Theresa May visits St Luke’s CE School, Maidenhead in May 2018

Mrs May with headteacher Amanda Hough and pupils

Mrs May answers children’s questions