Playing at the Cathedral

by Jessica-Louise Hallionjessica and the boys 3B2A0840

THE idea of a discovery or an extraordinary game is the most powerful, memorable and spiritual experience for anyone of any age. Christmas offers the perfect time for a playful journey into wonder-land.

In our Journey to Bethlehem at Christ Church, history, theology and fun mix together to allow all ages a new route to the true meaning of Christmas. Starting from the first prophecies and travelling through the narrative, you will collect gifts to take home and let your playful side sing. Roman soldiers will send you travelling and angels will fill you with hope. The Journey will give you wonders that you will be thinking of for a long time to come.

Journey to Bethlehem takes place at Christ Church Cathedral at noon on Saturday, 21 December. It is suitable for all ages particularly families with small children.

Jessica-Louise is the Canon’s Verger at the Cathedral.

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