How to…

Misty trees

How to connect with Creation


Connecting with nature improves mental health and wellbeing. Think of the sense of relaxation and pleasure from a walk in the countryside, compared with the stress of a crowded bus, train or a long motorway drive.

Prayer and bowl

How to fast


Jesus spoke about fasting in the context of both almsgiving and prayer, suggesting that all three are a natural way of expressing our faith. He invites us to fast as part of our daily walk with him. Why? How? And from what do we fast?

How to love your neighbour

As a nation we are exiting the European Union and beginning a new relationship with our European neighbours and with the world. There are leavers and remainers in every congregation. So how are we to respond as the Church of England across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes?

How to Welcome

Whatever their reasons for coming, we can give our church visitors them a space in which they can take time away from the demands of the world, gain a new perspective on their lives, and encounter our faith and God.