God in the life of...

Shiela FurlongIn this section you can read inspiring stories from people across the diocese about how their Christian faith influences their everyday lives. Changing our conversations can change our culture.

So how can we be more curious and interested in each other’s lives away from church gatherings? Once you've scrolled through some of the stories below, take a look at the seven small shifts your church community could take


Lydia Messling

Lydia Messling shares how her love of creation inspires her faith, studies and jobs as she works to make a difference to the environment.

The UK's youngest novice nun

Joanna Hollins shares her inspiring story of growing up in the Diocese of Oxford and becoming the UK's youngest novice nun.

Dr Jane Clements MBE

Dr Jane Clements MBE shares the inspiring story of God at work in her life and her services to interfaith and community cohesion.

CEO of Stop the Traffik

As the CEO of Stop the Traffik, Ruth Dearnley has spent years campaigning for an end to the horrific modern-day slave trade.

Brian Barnes

Brian reflects on an accountancy career that saw him held up at gunpoint and 33 years as a churchwarden in rural Fingest.

Call the Midwife

Saving the lives of mothers and their babies was all in a day's work for missionary midwife Eve Vause.

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