God in the Life of…

Inspiring stories from people across the diocese.

Peter Groves

God in the Life Of the Revd Canon Dr Peter Groves

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THE rhythm of prayer that is part of the Revd Canon Dr Peter Groves’ daily life helps sustain him in his busy and varied ministry. Peter, the Acting Archdeacon of Oxford, tells Jo Duckles his story. 

God in the life of the Rt Revd Olivia Graham

Bishop Olivia talks about her journey from Archdeacon of Berkshire to becoming the Bishop of Reading. Consecrated in December, Bishop Olivia is the first female bishop in the Diocese of Oxford.

The Revd Canon David Tyler

The Revd Canon David Tyler


The Revd Canon David Tyler grew up in a non-Christian household and first encountered God in his teens. David became a chartered accountant before ordination and is about to become the Associate Archdeacon of Dorchester. Here is his story.

Tim Hewes


Would you be prepared to be arrested twice in one day for non-violent direct action as part of a movement of people passionate about ending climate chaos? The retired dentist and part-time priest Tim Hewes did just that.

Revd Dr Beren Hartless

The Revd Dr Beren Hartless was ordained priest in 1994. As the 25th anniversary of her ordination approaches, Beren describes to Jo Duckles her journey to faith and her call to ministry.

Tim Ford

Tim Ford

Tim Ford, 24, prays regularly and refuses to let cerebral palsy, a condition that means he is non-verbal and a permanent wheelchair user, stop him living a rich life.