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Sharing is caring in Sunningdale

Parishioners in Sunningdale have been showing their love for the local community by delivering sustenance to body and soul. 

The Caring Cuisine project delivers a frozen meal and a listening ear to anyone who may be in need of it and has been referred to the team at Holy Trinity Church in the village. Since its launch seven years ago, hundreds of meals have been passed out to people living in the local area.

Karen Fisher, who is one of the team who visits meal recipients, explained the difference it makes. She said: “We chose the name Caring Cuisine because that is what we do. We care for people. This is not about need, it is about showing our love for people. People with illness, a new baby, anyone who would benefit from a helping hand.”

Once people are referred to receive a meal, Karen calls them to make sure they would like to receive it. Once contacted, she says nine out of 10 of them will say ‘oh no, there are people who need this more than me’. 

Karen added: “This isn’t just a case of knocking at the door and handing them a bag. I go in to them and we would talk. And before I leave them I offer to pray for them. I visited one lady when her husband fell ill, sadly he passed away but I continued to go as she was then poorly herself. She said to me, ‘I don’t need the food but I would love you still to come’.”

The scheme has also brought people into church, who would otherwise perhaps not have come. 

Karen concluded: “Often people ask me to talk about my faith. They say to me, ‘you are like a Godsend’. I feel really privileged to be invited in to their home and to speak to people. But it’s not just me, there’s a whole team behind me.”

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