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AFTER school on Wednesday, 18 December in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire the charity Restore Hope will host a Christmas celebration for struggling families in the Chilterns.

The celebration will be aimed at families especially vulnerable to the pressure and burden of 'Christmas joy' and the debt and relationship breakdown that it can bring.

The celebration, specifically focused around the nativity story, will include a Christmas meal, games, and a visit from Father Christmas with a memorable gift carefully chosen for each child. In addition, the gathering will provide an opportunity for the Restore Hope team to build deeper relationships with struggling families in the local community, enriching their year-round work to inspire hope in their lives.

Because this celebration relies on charitable donations, Restore Hope has launched a fundraising appeal entitled 'Restore Joy!' which provides the opportunity for people who would like to sponsor a family to attend the celebration. More information about 'Restore Joy!' is available online at www. restorehope. org. uk or by calling 01494 765555. Jenny Newman, community co-ordinator for Restore Hope, said, "It is about bringing families together to enjoy the excitement of celebrating Christmas away from the pressures of everyday life.

The party will be full of fun, laughter and a true sense of community—which is particularly important for families who find this time of year difficult. "Kayleigh Daniel, a mum who has attended the celebration with her family in the past said: "The Christmas Party is a gathering of wonderful people to share a wonderful moment.

The children get to learn the true meaning of Christmas. "

Restore Hope

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