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Restoring 18,000 floor tiles at All Saints' Boyne Hill

In 2020, All Saints' Church Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, took on the big task of fundraising to cover the £275,000 cost of relaying and restoring 18,000 floor tiles in the church building.

All Saints church looking towards the Altar, pews in rows and multi-coloured tiled floorThe Grade I-listed All Saints' Church Boyne Hill in Berkshire, built in 1857, had experienced ongoing problems with the floor tiles since the early 1900s. Temporary solutions of carpet, canvas and even cement had been used for many years to fill the gaps, but the loose and broken tiles were now limiting the accessibility and use of the building.

Over a 12-month period in 2020, with full support from the diocese and the DAC team, the church congregation, PCC and external fundraisers worked together to generate funds for the building work to bring the floor back to its former glory. This included donations from local charitable trusts and foundations and a Listed Places of Worship grant from the government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

A new optimism

The complex task of relaying and repairing the floor tiles in an intricate and specific pattern was finally completed in November 2021. The work has enabled previously inaccessible areas of the church to be opened for new ministry and outreach opportunities, such as a space for private prayer and small group meetings, and hosting a local group for people with disabilities.

Ken Smith, Churchwarden at All Saints', shared more about the project:

“We are so delighted with the result of the tiles and the difference it makes to the overall feeling and atmosphere of the church. It has given us new optimism for the future and has inspired us to expand our mission in the community through stronger links with local schools, inviting local organisation such as the arts and drama society and offering meetings and events throughout the week.

“Our local ward councillors are very enthusiastic about the restoration of the floor and are supportive of the church in becoming a focal point for the community. We are already thinking about the possibility of creating a cafe style area where local people can meet and ways we can continue to grow our engagement with the other faith groups in Maidenhead.”

The Diocesan Advisory Committee

The DAC is available to offer advice and support to churches in the diocese when buildings and churchyards need works and repair. Contact the DAC team at an early stage if your church is considering works to its building or churchyard, especially if you are planning a major project.

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