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Pupils branch out for new roles

Tree wardens from St Leonards CE school will take care of six fruit frees planted close to the school grounds in Banbury. 

The trees were planted as part of the Urban Orchard scheme, run by Banbury Town Council and Banbury Trees, to see more trees in our urban environment. The tree wardens have volunteered along with their families to care for the saplings as they grow into established trees over the next two years.

Head teacher Caroline Debus said: “The children have learned about their responsibility for the environment around them. They will be able to pick fruit from the trees while learning about the environment. The families learned how to plant the trees, how deep they have to go and how to water the roots properly, how to protect the trees as they go. 

“Listening to the children talking about the environment was so amazing, hearing them talk about how the world matters. It has been really inspiring.”

The whole community will then benefit from the pupils’ hard work as the fruit is there for all to pick and enjoy. 

Page last updated: Wednesday 13th December 2023 4:14 PM
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