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A new outdoor learning space

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Friday, 17 October 2014. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.


A DISUSED nature reserve has been transformed into an outdoor learning area used for gruffalo hunts and other imaginative games at Binfield CE Primary School.

Staff, children, Waitrose staff and the Mayor of Bracknell, Cllr Denise Hamilton, turned up in waterproofs and wellingtons to celebrate the opening of the Binfield Open Learning Environment last month.

The project began because headteacher, Suzie Featherstone-Wright wanted the overgrown area to be developed into what is now the Binfield Open Learning Environment.

She wanted children to be able to learn all elements of the curriculum outdoors.

The parents association, FOBS began helping to clear weeds and brambles at weekends.

Finally, one of the FOBS members, Helen Maberley, got in touch with Waitrose.

Supermarket staff came down and cleared the weeds during the summer holidays.

They built tables, developed pond and growing areas, painted the side of a classroom, and created a fantastic learning environment that the children could use.

Children have been building dens, being outlaws to inspire writing in the theme of Robin Hood, being spies and taking part in a Gruffalo hunt, since the area was completed.

The Waitrose staff also shared in photographs of the children's experiences, and finally, witnessed the mayor cut the ribbon to open the area officially, during their visit.

Special balloons were released by some of the children and Waitrose workers to celebrate the opening, and cakes were supplied to the children to commemorate the event.


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