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Little Seekers - Online Preschool for Faith-Building Fun

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Friday, 18 December 2020. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

Looking for an online preschool to help build faith with your family? The parish of Sunninghill and South Ascot have set up Little Seekers - a space to share faith with babies and toddlers in a fun, accessible way.

Fun for all the family

Rachael Johnson, a mother of three with a background in professional music, taught herself film-making skills in between home-schooling and helping with her church's online offerings during lockdown.

Each episode of the online preschool features songs, stories and animation, as well as some quiet time.

It is a family project, with Rachael and her husband Stephen hosting each episode.

Their own Little Seekers make occasional appearances, helping with the warm-ups and importantly, controlling Mr Nibbles the Squirrel.

Members of their church family feature in the weekly action song, and Granny Jess visits to hunt for God's treasure.

A desire to share faith

Rachael says, 'Little Seekers was born out of a desire to share faith with pre-schoolers in a fun, accessible way… With all the hardship and difficulties that lockdown provided, it also produced new ways of meeting and communicating, and I was inspired by much of what the people around me were creating (every weekday morning was spent watching 'mini music makers' online with my three-year-old).

I experienced first-hand what a blessing this could be, in particular when feeling isolated from others, and how special it was to share this with my children. ' Season one of Little Seekers explores God's family .

Season two looks at Christmas, with a new episode going live every Sunday in Advent.

Look out for a special guest appearance from the Bishop of Reading on Dec 20th! There are even bonus episodes on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Share the episodes with the little seekers in your life, and contact Revd Stephen Johnson for more information.

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