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Estelle Morris and Bishop Alan in conversation in Newbury

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THE former education Secretary Baroness Estelle Morris encouraged Church school governors at a special Diocesan event. Baroness Morris was in conversation with the Rt Revd Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, at the Regency Park Hotel in Thatcham.

The event marked the culmination of a series of evenings for governors from the Diocese's 284 church schools.

The events, held over the last year were part of the launch of the Right Programme which aims to give schools a consistent framework for governing bodies. Baroness Morris concluded the question and answer session with a story about a photocopier.

"When I was an MP in 92 to 97, I went to photocopy something.

I thought it was a really good photocopier, not like the one at the school I had taught in.

It never broke down because someone always services it.

If it breaks, no one puts a note on it saying 'engineer coming in a week'. "No one in my school was responsible for the photocopier. "No one in my school was responsible for the photocopier.

It led me to work on a paper on workforce transformation in schools, freeing teachers to teach.

It took a former teacher to put that on the agenda."

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