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An army of reading volunteers

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by Sarah Lawrence READING is vital, especially in the first few years of school. That's the view of everyone at St George's CE Infant's School, Amersham.

This term the school is highlighting an army of volunteers who listen and support young readers. When asked about the volunteering scheme and what it meant to him David Breingan, of GE Healthcare, an international firm with premises in Amersham, said: "I live close to the school, so I like to offer as much support as I can.

The school values the time we can provide in helping the children read. "Headteacher Toby Long said: "We have very strong links with our local community and it is vital that children at this early age have as much opportunity to practise reading aloud to adults.

Our volunteer network, made up from parents, neighbouring businesses and local Churches are incredibly valuable. "St George's is lucky enough to have one very special volunteer Helen Fowler, who has been listening and supporting children to read for the last 15 years, starting when she was a mere 74 years old. "Mrs Fowler is everything that is great about this country, she is passionate about the freedom learning to read allows children and dedicated to her role of helping them achieve this goal. "Mrs Fowler said: "It's surprising how many children don't have access to a dictionary at home these days.

I feel it's important to check children understand the meaning of the words they are reading (I'm always honest if I don't understand it either) we make a pact to go away and hunt out the definition and share that with each other the following week. " ; ;

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