Minster Vicar speaks at vigil for the people of Aleppo


A READING Vicar was invited to speak at a vigil for the people of Aleppo organised by local Muslims yesterday.

Stephen, the Vicar of Reading Minster of St Mary the Virgin, said: “I was very grateful for the invitation from Sulayman Munir (Chair of the Reading Council of Mosques) to speak at the vigil to highlight the plight of the people of Aleppo.

“Archbishop Justin described the violence as, ‘the brushing aside of the poor and the weak and the fragile, in a way that is as bad as anything we’ve seen in the last century’. The first-hand reports from aid workers are more harrowing than the television news has been reporting. We all share a responsibility to demand a better response from people in positions of influence than we have seen to date.  We will continue to campaign that refugees from this terrible conflict must be sheltered without distinction or limits and without frontiers.”

Photos available here.