New publication to help promote recruitment for key parish officer roles

The roles of church warden, PCC secretary and treasurer are vital for the successful running of our churches and parishes and, following a year of unprecedented disruption there may be instances where one (or more) of these key officers is standing down. We are aware that there are, across the diocese, always several such roles that are vacant, particularly that of second churchwarden and realise that any vacancy places substantial additional pressure on others.

We have therefore been considering how we can help parishes attract suitable people to these roles to ensure the load does not fall on too few shoulders. As a result, we have produced an information leaflet detailing the roles and giving some sense of what they involve, whilst being aware that there will be some local differences in how they are fulfilled.

The leaflet can be downloaded in a low-ink version, suitable for local printing and you might want to read it in conjunction with a longer leaflet written for churchwardens.

As well as the new leaflet, two downloadable web banners are available to use on church/parish websites or as a profile cover across social media channels to help promote these key parish officer roles.

If you are successful in recruiting new officers, please advise Sue Zajac so that we can ensure information is sent to the right people.

For more information about the roles available and the support provided, visit Support Services.

The new publication and web banners can be downloaded below: