How should religions respond to the migrant crisis?


The Revd Liz Jackson, Associate Archdeacon of Berkshire, calls for Christians to side with the marginalised and the oppressed in the migrant crisis.

Questions of ethics and human morality are fundamental to Christianity. On a recent edition of BBC Two’s Sunday Morning Live, the Revd Liz Jackson, associate archdeacon of Berkshire, joined a panel of religious leaders to debate ‘How should religions respond to the migrant crisis?’

Liz asserted that the values at the core of our faith – at the heart of the gospel – were ones of welcome and hospitality. Sharing the importance of siding with those on the fringes of society, Liz called on the example of Jesus.

Jesus, who was a refugee himself, lined himself up with those who were on the edge of society, who were outcasts and who were shunned, and the only people he criticised were people who held power, accrued wealth and put themselves first.

Feeling supported can make a huge difference when people arrive in the UK for the first time. If you want to help give a warm welcome to new arrivals in the diocese, Revd Liz is leading an initiative to provide online language learning and employment skills training for Hongkongers arriving in Berkshire.

Watch Revd Liz below or see the full show.