Holy Trinity hosts the first ever ‘Mousefest’

MICE are not always welcome in Church. But at Holy Trinity, in the Buckinghamshire village of Drayton Parslow, they are more than welcome.

In fact there will be a special festival to celebrate them. A group of crafty women in the village have been busily knitting and stitching mice which will go on display during the weekend of 14 adn 15 April from 1.30pm each day. This is a unique event – possibly the first ever Festival of Church Mice (or Mousefest). With over 200 mice there will be much to see, from a mouse baptism and a wedding to pirates, circus mice and many mice celebrities to spot like James Bond, a princess from Frozen and of course Elvis.

The festival will primarily raise money for a much needed toilet and kitchen extension but some funds from the sale of mice will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Teas and homemade cakes will be available in the village hall from 2pm. There will also be a secondhand book sale and a free children’s ‘make a mouse’ craft session.