Harvest 2020: Thank you to our farmers!

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Harvest is fast approaching in what’s been the strangest year of most of our lives. So it’s time to celebrate our farmers and we are excited about these resources, produced by the Arthur Rank Centre. Read this information from the farming charity below.

While the Arthur Rank Centre has long been known as a source of ideas and resources for rural churches, it’s been quite some time since we produced a substantial new harvest resource. But this month, we’re launching our Harvest 2020: Thank you to our farmers campaign, inspired in large part by the recognition of people across the UK have gained of the role ‘key workers’ have played in keeping us all going through the COVID-19 epidemic.

Farmers are one such group of key workers, and over the last few months many people have become aware – some for the first time – of the vital role UK farms play in feeding our nation, while the food shortages we experienced in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown reminded us how fragile the supply chain can be.

As churches and communities across the UK prepare to celebrate harvest, let’s embrace this opportunity to thank both the farmers across the UK who grow our food for us and the Creator God that sustains and nurtures each of us. Visit our website for information, resources and ideas for celebrating harvest as a gathered church or in homes.

We’ve worked hard to make this a resource that could be used by all church communities, whether rural, urban, suburban or somewhere in between!

We’re also really excited to launch Images of Harvest, the Arthur Rank Centre’s first photography competition, running in conjunction with our Harvest 2020: Thank you to our farmers! campaign.

What images does the word ‘harvest’ conjure up for you? Perhaps you think of combine harvesters, fields of wheat, baskets of fruit or rows of potatoes in supermarkets. But maybe you see a project that’s come to fruition, a house you’ve been saving for or a new phase of family life. Whether you live in a rural, suburban or urban community, in the UK or further afield, this photography competition is for you!