Halloween Campaign to give 25 people the gift of sight

The 2019 Meaningful Treat Pack, is a life-changing resource which will give up to 25 people the gift of sight while helping with mission work on, and leading up to Halloween.

Each pack includes a pouch, a bag of chocolate buttons and an activity poster with eight challenges on it. One of the challenges this year is to design a Fairtrade chocolate bar called ‘The Sight Bar’. A real chocolate bar, based on the winning design, will be made. The profits from the sales of this bar will fund eye operations in the developing world.

The winner will also get a case of 12 bars with their winning design. Children can enter the competition using the form on the Challenge Activity Poster. Each box of packs costs £30 (there are 30 packs per box – £1 per pack) but there are limited stocks.

The packs are suitable for light parties, outreach events, schools or for children who trick or treat on 31st October. Inside each case, there are 30 bags of Swiss Fairtrade milk chocolate buttons, 30 pouches (to make up) and 30 Challenge Activity Posters. There is also a leader’s guide designed to make the most of any event or all-age worship.

David Marshall, who came up with the idea, explains; “Quite often people feel that there has to be more to Halloween than dressing kids up as serial killers or monsters. The Meaningful Treat box is a way for adults to challenge kids to look at the good in the world, to do a bit of good by helping others and to enjoy some great Fairtrade chocolate.

“The word Halloween means ‘The night before All Saints Day’. All Saints Day is the time when we celebrate religious saints. We also remember friends and family members. It’s the time when we celebrate good  winning over bad and light over darkness. We also think it’s a chance to show love to others.”

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