First four-footed fellowship in Moulsoe

ANIMALS of all shapes and sizes joined in worship at St Mary’s, Moulsoe’s first ever pet service.

Four-legged friends get ready to enjoy worship. Photo: Moira Evans

The Rector Nick Evans’s Yorkshire terrier rubbed noses with a huge black Newfoundland, alongside a bearded dragon as people brought a variety of pets along.

The talk focused on the unconditional love and loyalty our pets give to us and how humans can learn from them to minimise the disputes that plague our world. The congregation was reminded that animals feature regularly in the Bible and that in the Book of Revelation it is declared that all living creatures worship the Lamb on the throne and heaven is not restricted to humankind.

A vet gave a moving testimony that he had felt drawn to animals since he was three when he declared what he wanted to do when he grew up.
There was the occasional whimper and the odd bark, but during the prayers the church was quiet as it seemed even the animals were paying attention.
Moira Evans, from St Mary’s, said: “It was a joyful and moving service as we all gave thanks for our animal friends and left the church with God’s blessing on us all.”