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Faith tour for pupils from Maids Moreton

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IN February Maids Moreton CE School hosted a multifaith week, where the children were given the opportunity to learn about and compare three different religions: Sikhism, Islam and Christianity.

As part of the week, the whole school went on the Queen's Park Faith Tour in Bedford, where they visited a gurdwara, mosque and church all in one day. Queen's Park is an area rich in both culture and religion, with Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and others of all faiths and none, living in harmony.

The three main faith communities have places of worship within 300 metres of each other, and faith leaders have developed a very successful 'Faith Tour' for schools. The tour enabled the children to experience RE through first hand experience, as well as actively promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and one of the school's core Christian values: Respect for others.

Keira Ainsworth, the Head Teacher, said: "In the context of our small village infant school, with limited ethnic and religious diversity, we felt that it was very important that the children became more aware of the different faiths and places of worship within the UK, enabling them to broaden their appreciation of diversity and make comparisons from a position of knowledge. "

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