Top tips for an eco-friendly Easter


Top tips for an eco-friendly Easter

With Holy Week almost upon us, our Environment Action Programme share their top tips for Easter crafts and decorations that are planet-friendly.

Lower impact Easter tip 1: Use decorated hard boiled, free-range eggs or make papier-mâché eggs for your garden Easter egg hunt rather than plastic ones.

Lower impact Easter tip 2: Make your own Easter cards, use scraps of paper, old envelopes etc. We love these ideas.

Lower impact Easter tip 3: Choose Fairtrade chocolate items and those with plastic-free, recyclable packaging. We love the Real Easter Egg from the Meaningful Chocolate Company. This Fairtrade Foundation video shows the benefits of choosing Fairtrade in just 30 seconds.

Lower impact Easter tip 4: Try baking your own hot cross buns or buy in bulk and freeze them to reduce packaging use.

Lower impact Easter tip 5: Make your own Easter garden – you could gift it to a neighbour as a pretty container garden after Easter.

Lower impact Easter tip 6: Add some onion skin, red cabbage or spinach to your Easter morning boiled egg pan to decorate them naturally!

Lower impact Easter tip 7: Blow real free-range eggs and decorate those for an Easter wreath, nest or basket, use the egg in Easter baking or as corn scramble (try stirring in some frozen sweetcorn before cooking!)

Let us know your best tips and make sure to visit our EcoHub for ideas and resources to help you care for creation throughout the whole year.