Eco Church and environmental audits in Wokingham

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Energy efficiency can enable our churches to provide attractive places of sanctuary, fellowship and communion - with a comfortable level of warmth and illumination - at a lower cost to the planet, and sometimes with financial savings as well.

One significant barrier for churches, however, is knowing what positive actions they can undertake.

PCCs can now obtain and begin to act on expert advice in this area with energy audits carried out by professionals with experience of historic places of worship. The energy audit looks at a range of energy uses in the church building, from lighting to heating, and recommends the energy and carbon reduction measures available.

These can include simple changes that will cost nothing - such as setting adjustments and changing practices - as well as options for renewable technologies, better controls, or changes in equipment. This short film tells the story of how one church in Wokingham has benefited from this approach. If you'd like to get advice on your own journey, get in touch with our environment team .

They can help you create your own pathway and can signpost helpful resources to you.

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